John Glenn was a visionary.  Not only a famed astronaut, he served his country as a US Senator.  He was a proud supporter of energy efficiency policy. Representatives of AEE and the National Capital Chapter reminiscence this week about their work with Senator Glenn on the Energy Policy Act of 1992, America’s first major legislation dedicated exclusively to energy policy.  EPAct 1992 set the stage for subsequent energy policy laws. In 1991 Senator Glenn invited AEE to help craft the federal energy management section of EPAct.  After months of pro bono effort by the AEE National Capital Chapter, AEE’s language requiring «trained» energy managers (meaning CEMs) in all federal facilities nationwide was entirely accepted by both houses of Congress and included in the law. As a result, a generation later, the US Federal Government now leads by setting examples for the nation in good energy management.

Comments from those who worked with him:

Al Thumann – «John Glenn was an incredible individual with great drive and passion for exploring.  He was a true friend to AEE.»

Larry Good – «We need a whole government full of people like John Glenn. He was a decent and dignified man with good judgment.»

Dan Williams – «Perhaps the Best American of our time has passed. Yesterday this nation lost its greatest hero… I am not sure that many in this country realize just how awesome this soft spoken, humble pioneer and statesman truly was. In our time, there has not been a more prefect patriot to emulate. Godspeed, John Glenn.»